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About Me

Annia (they/them) is a Black, queer, femme from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. 2022 marks 27 years on this Earth and with their Sun in Aquarius & their Moon in Sagittarius, Annia describes herself as a free spirited, down to Earth, pretty bish. It’s rare to catch them not looking like they just left an event.

Personal and vicarious community experiences have raised Annia’s awareness of the importance of being spiritually balanced while holding space for healing to occur. Descriptions of Annia range from a community BUILDER to event coordinator.  Wherever you find them you can be sure they are giving energy towards collective spaces where everyone feels comfortable expressing their wisdom. 

With a life path number of 7, Annia constantly has a ever-flowing sense of compassion and love towards the Milwaukee community.

Avid tarot reader for the past 5 years, they now work with 5 decks (2 oracle, 3 tarot) and have offered readings for peers for the past 3 years now. After a reading from community friend, Annia started to feel the call to pull cards for themselves. It’s one of their preferred divination tools now. 

By contract, they can be hired for modeling, teaching (topics include: local black history, sexuality education, social justice, SA & DV awareness, & trauma informed care), event coordinating, community projects, and sewing projects.

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