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Affirmations, Celebrities, Trans Visibility & SAAM

Hey Family,

I am back on this amazing day to express gratitude and love at thriving through another month. I am proud of my accomplishments and I hope that energy spreads to my community as well. I have been having plenty of amazing conversations with people this week about human nature and capitalism. I was blessed with so many great conversations with my peers and friends who have taken time to reflect on their contributions to society and our local community.

I will get to the topic but first I want to start off by saying I took something major away from my time at Public Allies Milwaukee in 2016, 2017. I learned that if we, as humans, are not mindful and actively taking steps to address oppression or stress in our interpersonal relationships, our internal mentality, our institutional entanglements and IN our cultural collectives, then we shouldn’t expect massive change. We could flaunt our confidence in ourselves all the time, but that wouldn’t make the opp sit and reflect on their opposition to my confidence. Most times, it only enrages them further.

It’s March 2021. We had Lil Nas X released an artistic expression of rejecting preconceived notions of hyper sexuality and homophobia learned through his experiences from a Christian home. Of course all people can talk about is the ‘demonic’ images, satan getting a lap dance, gay agendas, and devil shoes. Honestly, I am not surprised. Should we be, I don’t think so. If the world wasn’t largely ignorant to the bigger picture or the small details, we would be a lot farther in evolution. At least in my opinion.

Quavo and Saweetie broke up. I don’t really get too involved in celebrities relationships; however, this relationship is one to talk about for sure. He was clearly abusive. They clearly had relationship issues and Saweetie was way more independent than he was. Good for her for breaking up with him. Of course patriarchy is going to tap him on the back and give him a bottle. Those Migos and the music game had a thing going. If the Migos got married and became power couples, the next era of celebrities and famous wild childs will dominate the scene. We have them now, but children are always used as a distraction tool by the media. How many of us were concerned about Blue Ivy when we needed to be supporting our First Nations siblings with the pipeline? Or Miley Cyrus twerking on a married man while we bombed more villages in the Middle East?

Yeah, Big media got tactics for days. It’s good to stay aware, but I don’t need to know everything.

The Trans Visiblity March in Milwaukee was this past weekend as well. So many of my gorgeous trans siblings were out and about looking great and bringing smiles to the masses. I am so grateful that they have been apart of the movements in Milwaukee to support Black Lives Matter and M4BL. Our trans siblings are working in so many careers; service, education, healthcare, nonprofit. Doing the work and advocating to make sure we can live thriving lives together.

I see you siblings. I love you. I pray on your safety and support through this year.

When you have time, check out these amazing photos taken by Lidia Sharapova. Click on the picture below to find some of our local trans community members.

To support the local Black Rose Initiative efforts for Black Trans Visibility Week, follow the link below.

To Support the Black Rose Initiative...

Also, you can support creating housing for QTGNC folx in Milwaukee by contributing to Brave Green Waves’ mission of alternative housing. More information on our facebook page @bravegreenwavetrybe2020.

We have such a long way to go in Milwaukee. Our black community still fails to show up for our black queer, trans siblings and vice versa. We need to support more spaces for education, community blended events, and love. I encourage my fellow queer and black orgs to work on this before the next Trans Visibility week.

In the name of the recent full moon in Libra, I wrote some new affirmations.


I am a bad bitch. I validate myself and that is enough. Every day I am getting more beautiful. Every day I am getting more successful. I am naturally motivated. I radiate confidence. I am limitless and everyone knows it. I am healthy. I am wealthy. I don’t waste time on anything that serves my higher self. Sacred waters flow between my hips. Everything I create manifests beautifully. I am divine and interdependent.

Also, do not forget that tomorrow is April 1st. That means the start of SAAM or Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Around the city, Priceless Incite, the city of Milwaukee and the Team Teal 365 will be painting the city teal in honor of survivors and advocates of gender based violence. Visit Priceless Incite on Facebook or website, to find out how you can support local efforts to lower sexual assault statistics and impact harmful post-assault policies.

Priceless Incite Denim Day Events in MKE

I wish love and success on you and the start of this month. I pray for our safety and balance within ourselves.

Peace & Blessings Fam,


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