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Annia Ketur the Designer

Updated: Jun 7, 2022


Pictured is my friend Nation & my mother. Both are wearing exclusive Cocoa Ketur designs.
All Exclusive Cocoa Ketur Designs

I go by many names, as you can guess by now since I wear many hats. One of the many things that I started exploring as a young person, was my eye for creativity with clothes and styling. Growing up I had hand-me-downs and thrifted items to wear for clothes. Sometimes, it didn't always fit but that was ok. I made sure to tailor my clothes thee way I wanted them to be. I painted my shoes and styled myself in this Afropunk, pretty bish/alternative aesthetic.

As I grew up, I started to realize the impact humans had on our environment and Mother Earth which influenced my work with specific recyclable and non-recyclable items. In high school, I entered Home EC competitions and competed with chip bag accessories and clothes.

How You Can Access My Designing Skills

I am a conduit. You can come to me with your design ideas and fabric and I will work out the logistics with you to make it come to life. I am not a mass producer. I don't believe in mass production. I only work with individuals and small groups as it relates to thrifting, recycled, upcycled clothing. Just email/ text me and we can start from there.

I make clothes already. If you see something in my pictures on my website, text/call/email me to check on it's availability. If it's one of a kind and already sold, i may be interested in creating a custom piece for you with clothes from my archive of thrifted items.

I am open to partnerships. Different then setting up mass production outlets, I am open to partnerships on a community level with small business owners and entrepreneurs. I have been approached by folx who are interested in starting up lines with my sewing skills. These partnerships involve my thrifted items coupled with either additional unique branding added to it, or my reworking creativity.

Everyone in this picture is wearing something I made!

Just hit my line for any questions. I prefer in person contact and direct messaging verses long email conversations over a span of months. I have a lot of passions and anything that takes a long time tends to be treated as a side hobby till its near completion.

Peace & Blessing Family,


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