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Divine Rising Community,

So, I wrote this song in 20219/20. It's a song to serve as a reminder for all of us who forget our worth in times of high stress and extreme pressure. This song is for me and my soul trybe. It's a reminder to myself that I am a highly anxious person at times, and I forget that i am naturally called to do things that no one is feels moved to do. I know I can find balance and then breathe...

Check out my song. Like or Dislike it (tho if you do, I dare you to leave a comment about why. hater). Share it with someone (or some people) you know.

Below, my housemates and I hosted a Talent Show at our house and it was amazing to be able to make music with our voices and bodies as strangers within in overlapping community. Listen to the vibrations of our voices and synchronized timing.

Peace & Blessings,


High Priestess of The Divine Trinity

Singer | Rapper | Songwriter

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