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Cocoa Ketur Goes To LA Fashion Week Festival

I've been invited to showcase House of Cocoa Ketur at the LA Fashion Week Festival curated by The Model Experience.

More Details Coming Soon!!!

What We Know

Come March 2023, I will be a featured designer at the LA Fashion Week Festival curated by The Model Experience! Mind you this is a huge step for House of Cocoa Ketur!

Tickets are available on The Model Experience website, click here for the link. I will be featured in Saturday's lineup so stay tuned for more details as they come.

How I'm Getting There

I am asking for you to donate towards my travel expenses and when the time comes... TUNE IN! Buy a virtual or in person ticket from one of the models in my lineup. My plans are to travel to LA two days ahead of the show and to stay a full day afterwards to network with folx in the city.

Other Fundraisers In Progress

T Shirt Fundraiser: TBA

Paypal Pool: Cocoa Ketur Goes to LA

Gallery Night & Open Mic Showcase

Progress Reports & Updates on House of Cocoa Ketur Ready to Wear 2023

First Week of January

Promoting my announcement on social media and my website. Starting to gather inspiration and clothes donations from my community.

Second Week of January

Third Week of January

Fourth Week of January

Fifth Week of January/ First Week February

Second Week of February

Third Week of February

Fourth Week of February

Fifth Week of February/ First Week of March

Second Week of March

Thank you so much for any shares, donations, etc.

Peace & Blessing Family, Annia.

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