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Collective Creation Crew

Have you been looking for an in-person on virtual creative space to engage in? This is a no-strings attached, open to all mediums space for anyone to attend. All ages, cultures, artists are welcome.

Join Me Ever Two Weeks On Tuesday!

CCCrew is a space for creatives to engage in good vibes without feeling pressure to perform or be perfect. Curated by Annia to honor the need for more free self-care spaces within Milwaukee, CCCrew is an online and in-person event held every two weeks. Each session, we will have prompts or space to freestyle for anyone who participates. Most of our prompts will be centered around the work that Priceless Incite addresses through their community-based prevention, intervention and leadership training.

Priceless Incite is a national organization dedicated to uplifting the experiences of Black women, girls and gender- expansive youth who are impacted by violence.

Priceless Incite has agreed to host the CCCrew sessions in exchange for some beautiful digital artwork from any CCCrew participants that can be displayed on their website.

Visit Priceless Incite to learn more about their work.

Contact me to learn more about RSVP.

Peace & Blessing Family, Annia.

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