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Divine Thirteenth (Friday the 13th)

The First Recorded Sacred Day of the Divine Trinity

A couple years back, I stumbled upon some research about the history behind the number 13. To me, the number thirteen was significant for some reason. (I don't remember why.) However, I learned some interesting things in my research surrounding the actual day, Friday the 13th. Though to clarify, not every cultural saw the number 13 as significant.

So here's some context around why Friday the 13th is the first established sacred day of Divine Trinity.

Around the world the number 13 meant,

Anishnaabeg (Indigenous Trybal Folx):

13 is the number of moon cycles/ months in the calendar. Each month/moon cycle coincided with the thirteen inner markings of the turtles back and the markings around their inner 13 segments added up to 28 day cycles. Each moon is named a different seasonal activity or natural occurrence (which also varies depending on the trybe).