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Divine Thirteenth (Friday the 13th)

The First Recorded Sacred Day of the Divine Trinity

A couple years back, I stumbled upon some research about the history behind the number 13. To me, the number thirteen was significant for some reason. (I don't remember why.) However, I learned some interesting things in my research surrounding the actual day, Friday the 13th. Though to clarify, not every cultural saw the number 13 as significant.

So here's some context around why Friday the 13th is the first established sacred day of Divine Trinity.

Around the world the number 13 meant,

Anishnaabeg (Indigenous Trybal Folx):

13 is the number of moon cycles/ months in the calendar. Each month/moon cycle coincided with the thirteen inner markings of the turtles back and the markings around their inner 13 segments added up to 28 day cycles. Each moon is named a different seasonal activity or natural occurrence (which also varies depending on the trybe).

The Aztecs:

Recognized 13 days in a week. Their 13th day was ruled by Tezcatlipoca, the god of mystery, magic, illusion & psyche.


Viewed 13 as an unlucky number because Judas was the 13th guest at the Last Supper.

Egyptian History:

Osiris was cut into 14 pieces after Typhon stole his body from Isis. Isis searched and reassembled his body except for one piece. Leaving him with 13 of his 14 body parts. Another symbolism of 13 from this cultural suggests that 13 is significant because of the 13 steps to heaven (or ascension).


Zeus is the 13th good and symbolizes good fortune. He's revered as the most powerful god amongst the Greek Gods & Goddesses.


Some norse beliefs say that Loki the trickster is the 13th uninvited guest of the honorary banquet held in Valhala for god Badur. Therefore, the number would be unlucky; however other cited works note that Freya's (the goddess of love) sacred number is 13. Also, Friday is named after her.

In Tarot, the 13th Card is that of Death. Death represents transformation & rebirth in its upright position. In its downright position, it means stagnation & hope destroyed.

In ancient matriarchal tribes, 13 was recognized as a time to honor your sacred feminine energy.

In Western culture (specifically American culture), the number 13 can be found in many places. This country was founded on 13 colonizing colonies with 13 stripes in our flag. The first national flag had 13 stars. Even our money, like the pyramid on the dollar, has 13 steps.

Upcoming Friday 13ths:

2022 May

2023 January, October

2024 September, December (Leap Year)

2025 June

2026 February, March, November

2027 August

2028 October (Leap Year)

2029 April, July

2030 September, December

2031 June

2032 February, August (Leap Year)

2033 May

2034 January, October

2035 April, July

2036 June (Leap Year)

2037 February, March, November

2038 August

2039 May

2040 January, April, July (Leap Year)

Continuous themes around 13:

  • The beginning & the end (rebirth)

  • completion

  • magic

  • femininity

  • mystery

  • powerful change (transformation)

So after all that research, I found that it was not only important to some of the established cultures around me, but there was too many commonalities between these cultures and how they recognized the significance of 13.

In my celebrations of Friday the 13th , I journal, engage with friends or family and I make space to do the things that I love. I label the time from my first Friday 13th to the next, as a time of transformation & completion. During this time, I pledge either 1, 3 or 13 statements to the Great Spirit. My statements surround topics pertaining to the three pillars of Divine Trinity or challenges for me to overcome.

My first Friday the 13th was in March of 2020. My sacred time of transformation and completion lasted until November 2020. The next time I start up again will be January 13th of 2023. Which is significant to me because I will also have my 28th birthday on January 27th.

For example, "I commit to drinking more water everyday, in the name of the Great Spirit. I commit to volunteering to clean the local riverways, in the name of the Great Spirit. I commit to making more time to bask in the sun and let its rays bless me, in the name of the Great Spirit."

So, if you chose to practice this time of transformation & completion, make sure to write your commitment on a piece of paper that you either burn, soaks with water or you can bury it. Keep a copy of your commitments in your journal or on your calendar as a daily reminder. I write mine 7 times and then bury/wash/burn it while reciting it. Then I make a calendar reminder for each commitment and whatever necessary accountability measures. Don't forget to mark the next Friday the 13th in order to remember when you have the option to relax on your commitment.

This year, my cycle started during the waxing gibbous moon phase and I naturally practiced celibacy from the 1st of the month till the 13th or the end of my cycle. No moon cycle blood is to be spread, especially not during this time. For folx who have or don't have moon cycles, they are asked to practice celibacy for those 14 days as well. In the event that the practicing trybe member has a partner, that partner can be blessed and they can both be free to break their period of celibacy on the 13th day.

Happy Divine Thirteenth Sacred Day

I envision one day having a temple for this ritual in hopes of creating a space for couples to honor the aspects of Love & Transformation.

peace & blessings trybe,



priestess of the divine trinity

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