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Get Wild, It's our First Post!

Where should I even begin? Should I start with a reflection or an introduction to me? Should I start with my most recent frustrations with the world and my community? Or should I start with my most recent ex and their toxic bullshit? There’s so much I need to say and my hands don’t move fast enough. My fingers aren’t always aligned with my brain sometimes. Bear with me while this post might be long, it is important. I encourage my blog visitors to share and engage in conversation with me on the things that we appreciate as differences and similarities in our perspectives.


As we approach Aries season, and the start of the new zodiac year, I decided to sit here and reflect and process how I have been feeling these last couple of years. It’s as if the world moves faster than I can think at times. Other times, it’s as if I am moving faster than time itself.


I still remember when I started school at Columbia in Chicago for Fashion Design. I was so nervous and so geeked. I felt like I was ready to be on my own, to explore without my mother’s watchful eye. I had already worked away from home. I had already sat in the role of mother and adult. My childhood experiences often times prevented me from being a child, but I yearned for that innocence. I came to Chicago a little reckless but unapologetic. I often feel like reminiscing also makes me go down this huge rabbit hole. Anyway, Chicago literally felt like it was only months ago. As if I could wake up and still be working at Rosati's Pizza off of Chicago Ave, being harrassed by my male coworkers. At any moment, my roommates will make some unnecessary mess in the common room. I keep reminding myself that that's not going to happen. That I can't rewind and keep all that I know now. There is no reversing what's been done because those lessons were needed, which brings me back to the present.

So much to write and I hope my words aren’t wasted or ignored. I feel a fear of mine is to not pass on the lessons and the blessings I have earned. That so many will chose to stay selfish and combative, always on the defensive in our everyday interactions with each other. I don’t want to be complacent and counterproductive to pleasure activism and a thriving life for myself and my community.

I want to impact the future. I want to impact the past. Yet, I won’t get caught up in what I can’t do, because I can sit here and write. Force myself to sit here and think about myself. I can sit here and reflect on all the questions that have formed at every speed bump.

“What are your responses to new people?”
“How open are you to meeting and engaging new people?”
“What has prevented you from making new friends?”
“Why are you depressed and upset?”
“What area of your life are you self-sabotaging now?”

I can sit here and reflect on my karma, drama, and achievements. I don’t have to feel overwhelmed or underappreciated. I don’t have to let others strong feelings control how I view myself. So many things run through my brain by the minute that I am a whirlwind by nature. Things move so fast for me, and there has to be deliberate space for me to process how I feel about everything. Spirituality has slowly stuck to my side like a child not ready to walk. My knowledge limited but my resources have grown so much over the years. It’s me that has neglected to nurture and mature with that ‘knowledge’ child. So I shall sit here and reflect on me and everything that comes to mind.

My name is Annia Ketura Leonard and I am the owner of Cocoa Ketur, LLC;

My name is Annia Ketura Leonard and I am the owner of Cocoa Ketur, LLC;

Daughter of Annika Leonard & Titus Sharp;

Sister of Aerick, Titus Jr, Damonte, Gabrielle and Harmonie by blood;

Organizer and coordinator of Milwaukee county area, UBLAC MKE (Uplifting Black Liberation & Communities), Brave Green Wave Trybe, Priceless Incite MKE & MKE Good Food Bus;

I am a private portfolio model, a resource connector, a contracted teacher, a tarot reader, a mentor, a seamstress, an artist, historian, a dominatrix, public speaker and event organizer.


My goal for my personal life is to own my own land, farm with animals and a fortress for my 15+ children. My goals for my community are all over the place, but with all of them combined I am hoping to build an intentional community for spiritual development and change the way we teach each other to live thriving lives with resources that we have available.

Just FYI: I am currently accepting bestie applications for my recent vacant positions & #BREONNATAYLOR #SAYHERNAME #SAYTHEIRNAMES

Peace & Blessings Fam,


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