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I just thought you should know...

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Amazon has the ability to shut off their products that you've registered with them. That's literally all I needed to say.

So basically the story is, I missed my last payment on my Fire Tablet. Now mind you, I didn't pay attention to the missed payment because I was still paying amazon through my subscription and had another card on my account that I was using. Now, you'd think that technology or myself would have connected the dots but anyways.... Long story short, fast forward a couple months and my tablet just shuts off. I'm sitting here thinking I lost all my poems and songs I just started writing.

Now at the same time as me thinking this, i'm going on a retreat and being one with nature and whatnot. The Goddexx said "Nia. It ain't gone. Something just aint cleared yet." I had no idea what that meant. So I look back at my account and see the missed payment again. I'm not paying for something that's broken. I politely ignore it and go to the trade in section and see that I can trade it in for a upgrade if I wanted. I paid for a warranty so while trying to access that I am talk to customer service.

He says have you restarted by holding the power button. I said yes, it's not responding to anything. He says one second.

He comes back on the call and mentions the missed payment. I said yeah, I an pay that, but not unless this tablet works. He said if you make a payment right now, I can reconnect the tablet. I said wait, what? He said it was deactivated because you missed your last payment.


Honestly, this makes me think of big corporate brand media and tablet combos and their unmanaged control of our resources. Like, that's crazy to me that this big company can turn off my tablet when its literally charging because of a missed payment but can't make a simple email or call to inform a customer of that consequence. I seriously grieved my art and everything. On a less personal level, we should really expect better, not more, but better from these companies. Take the extra step and worry about paying your amazon workers thriving wages, health benefits, and paid parental leave. Some people collectively focus on the wrong things.

In Solidarity with the Workers of the World,


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