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Maxim Cover Girl Contest!

I could win 25,000$ dollars and have the opportunity to be on the cover of Maxim magazine.


I entered another contest. I am determined to win some cash for my co-op space that I plan to create.

I entered this contest (and was easily accepted) because I wanted to try something new. I totally applied to try out the Miss Black USA pageant, but I did not receive any word on whether I was accepted in that event.

CopyWrite Fashion Show 21, Styled By Vato V.

I am determined to continue creating a platform for myself and my trybe. I love my people and I want us to occupy as many spaces as we can. We are too golden to be confined to poverty. So many of us are stuck in this 99% and soon the class gap will widen. I will continue to make steps to combat that movement.

What many people fail to realize about me, is that I stay consistent.

I have experience on stage acting, modeling in fashion shows, being featured in art galleries, taught young folx, helped others gain more stability in housing or finances, etc. The list goes on. I do everything and anything for the protection and sovereignty of my trybe and their collective wellbeing.

Van Selfie

Vote for me, starting on June 13th! Every week you will have the chance to show me some love by voting through this link to keep me in the competition. Don't let me down now hunny. Cause when I win, we all win sugar.

Oh by the way, if I get approval from Future Productions beforehand, you can advertise me as a guest at your event. So don't hesitate to hit my line.

I'm still Miss Milwaukee County until Spring 2023.

Let's use this title to show the gxrls there's representation everywhere!!!

Annia Leonard | Maxim Cover Girl

Peace & Blessings,


P.S. Catch me in the Juneteenth Parade with the Milwaukee Models Group!

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