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Mentees / Mentors

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

So, my aunt shared this on her social media page and I really wanted to take some time to write out my thoughts. Hopefully it brings folks to the table that have opinions to express.

I think that our elders come in a wide variety of ages, shapes, cultural and economic backgrounds. Once we are emotionally open to being taught, we learn from the most unlikely teachers. These moments are crucial to our existence.

I think often of how many folks I look up to and how they bring me pieces of wisdom that I need in those important situations in my life.

I had a young person once tell me they learned from me and I couldn't fully process that till it was years later. Encouraging my young folx in classes to be themselves and express themselves. To be happy and not chase happiness. Things I'm still learning myself. 😌 It's beautiful watching the impact of your everyday, natural reactions bringing someone else an experience they didnt fully get with others.

I call these moments reflections. We have to really see our reflections in each other.

I once had a supervisor I looked up to, tell me they were learning from me. She watched me balance being young and vibrant with being professional and firm with boundaries. It really brought me to a space of understanding we have so much to learn from one another and that people have to be willing to learn about the things that make them uncomfortable.

I still reminisce on my workshop days, daily teaching in schools. The hundreds of students I've encountered who have brought me clarity on the state of our collective consciousness. We all know that treating folx with civil decency, brings out the best in them. Makes them more inclined to be nice and respect you respecting them. While working with kids, i learned how to tap into this large understanding of what our community needs from us nowadays. This is what our youth beg for us to acknowledge.

Nephew Kameron

Its not just structure and discipline. Its not just love and freedom. They need our attention. Just as our older generations need this same respect. We are in this space as a society where our attention span is short and our temper.... even shorter.

Forcing ourselves to be uncomfortable and see what we don't want to see, that is what creates an environment of continuous learning. Being wrong is ok. Letting yourself sit in your situation till you've figured out the why and the how. Being reflective of who you are and where you come from and how that isn't always how others will see you, and that's ok too.

Long thought brought to conclusion, I think its important to listen to the wisdom our old-wise and young-wise elders have to teach us. Witness what folx are learning from you.



P.S. Here's a tiktok I made asking young folx to gove the older folx some advice oe pieces of thought they feel they need to share.

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