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Miss Milwaukee County Update #3

Updated: Mar 6, 2022

Hey Everyone,

I hope this finds you well on this cold ass weekend. Stay safe and warm. I have had some amazing blessings come my way these past few weeks. One of my accomplishments for this campaign was finding sponsors who could help propel me towards my Miss Wisconsin, USA title.

My mother and I worked on a sponsorship letter and sent it to a list organizations in the MKE area. I received responses immediately and I am blessed to name these following organizations as my sponsors:

OutReach LGBT Community Center

MKE Food Food Bus

Zao MKE Church

Share Time Wisely Consulting Services

I appreciate these orgs and the folx on my team helping me succeed. I want to shoot a special thank you to my mom, Ashley H, Damonte, Davette B & Ryan for being my support system and holding me accountable as I pursue my dreams.

Check out my linktree for updated bonfire fundraiser links & a new paypal pool.

I am currently raising funds to secure my hotel and buy my evening gown. I will be making my interview outfit this year, donated through my fashion line, Cocoa Ketur. Once you follow my linktree link, you will find these 4 Bonfire fundraisers shirts on sale. My goal is to sell at least 20 of each shirt.

SO SHARE! Share! Share! SHARE! The more shares, comments, and love reactions on this post will bring more attention my way.

Once you catch a t-shirt from my fundriser, make sure to post your t-shirt with the hashtag #AnniaforMissWisconsin2022!!!


I will be canvassing with local groups to raise awareness about the different community events in my Milwaukee, along with flyers about my Miss WI campaign. Don't worry, my art gallery information is coming soon.

If you'd like to check out an event I am doing in March, check out this upcoming event hosted by InThisTreeArt on March 15th! I am one of the featured Bachelorettes. come donate for a chance to take me on a date. If you peep the sponsoring orgs, you might see i am sponsoring this event as well.

Thank you for reading! Share, comment on this blog post, and heart react! We out here!

Peace & Blessings,


Miss Milwaukee County, WI

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