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Miss Milwaukee County Update #4

Updated: Apr 12, 2022


Yall, we are down to the wire. These past couple of weeks just flew by. I was hoping to do so much more, yet I am proud of the progress I've made with this campaign journey. A lot of challenges to overcome and be ok with (its just a part of the process). Let's get to these updates:

First Update,

I have raised $1,618.49 of $3,500 from January to March. In April, I am really hoping to fundraise enough to cover my hotel room, food, transportation & my gown.

Second Update,

I will be hosting 2 fundraisers in the month of April. One will be a art gallery night where I will be showcasing my latest art pieces and some of the clothes I've created out of repurposed fabric. The second fundraiser will be a donut fundraiser. I will be taking pre-orders from today till 4/18 and folx will be able to pick up their dozen from me on 4/23 at the gallery. Between these two fundraisers, I am hoping to raise about $1,500.

Cocoa Ketur Presents: Miss Milwaukee County 2022

a gallery & live performance experience

April 23rd @ 6p to 8p

The Space MKE

Live Performance: TBA!

Sponsorships are available.

$13 ticket (cashapp, paypal, facebook or google pay)

Eighty-five percent of these proceeds go towards Annia's Miss Wisconsin 2022 Campaign and the rest towards the curating this event. Most people don't know, but I make clothes from repurposed fabric! Now, that could be old jeans or a old curtain. I redesigned a shirt using a polo and a old gucci bag. Come check out what I have on live models at this event.

Check out this TikTok I made to show off a redesign of a old t-shirt.


Krispy Kreme Fundraiser Rewind

Come grab your krispy kreme order from our gallery night!

April 23rd @ 7:45p

Sign up by April 15th!

Our goal is to reach 27 orders!!!


Miss Wisconsin State Pageant

Madison Marriott West in Middleton, WI

May 7th - 8th, 2022

To learn more about the Miss Wisconsin State Pageant and to vote for me in May, go to the Miss Wisconsin USA website.

Ticket information is on their website by April 15th, 2022!

Webcast information is available by April 23rd, 2022!

Add this event to your calendar here.

Now, don't forget that I am still running T- Shirt Fundraisers through Bonfire. You can find the links for all four designs through my linktree. If you already have a bonfire tshirt, post yourself in your chosen Annia for Mixx Wisconsin merchandise.

Let's spread the word. Use the hashtag #anniaformisswisconsin2022 #anniaformixxwisconsin2022


Third Update,

I took pictures for my campaign with Rob Randolph. Check them out in this gallery below. He did a pretty phenomenal job.


I had March fly right by and April threatens to do the same. Everything that has been a blessing and a lesson these past couple of months have really brought me clarity on where I am going in life. To me, this pageant is more than a title and a style contest; it's about courage to persist against all odds. It's about standing in my understanding of self and uplifting my nonbinary identity in deafening spaces. It's about rekindling my love and access to continuous learning. There are many things that are important to me in Milwaukee, including:

Topics That Are Important To Me

Road Construction

Public Transportation

School to Prison Pipeline

Food Insecurity

Housing Instability

Alternative Housing


Black Folx Reparations

Political Engagement

Community Capacity Building

Affordable Access to Healthcare & Education

With my platform, I hope to help highlight businesses and communities around Wisconsin and America (once I win Miss USA) that do meaningful work with little support within their community.

SHOUT OUTs are due!!!

I want to acknowledge my sponsors and team. Thank you to my mother and father for supporting me along this journey and checking in with me. Thank you to my accountability partners Davette and Ashley; yall are phenomenal people and I am glad that I am in community with you both.

Don't forget to share, comment and #hashtag as many posts as you can. We got one month to boost on every platform! Let's get this post to 2,000 shares.

Peace & Blessings,


Miss Milwaukee County

P.S. Here's my auntie Lei and my friend Arthur rocking their tees!

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