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Miss Milwaukee County # Update 6. 1

Updated: May 6, 2022

The Pageant Is Next Weekend!

So here's my accomplishments, updates on my schedule to Madison, etc.

Week of Pageant Prep

As of May 1st, my swimsuit and gown are in their last stages of completion. I am planning to upload photos of my gown and swimsuit after the pageant.

To Do Tasks:
  • Assemble completed outfits with jewelry and clothes. (Don't forget my introductory outfits.)

  • Creating my interview outfit.

  • Hang out with my trybe.

  • Canvassing.

  • Getting nails & hair done.

  • Pack for the weekend.




3p | Leaving Milwaukee & Arriving at the Madison Marriot Hotel in Middleton, WI

6:30p | Early Registration Day



Up By *7:30a (Breakfast, Makeup, Getting Dressed)

9:30 AM | Official Briefing Session

10:30 AM | Contestant Interviews / Rehearsals

1:30 PM | Dismissed for lunch on your own

2:30 PM | Full Production Rehearsal

4:30 PM | Dismissed for dinner on your own / prepare for pageant prelims

6:30 PM | Arrive to Venue hair and make-up ready / dressed in Introduction Outfit

7:00 PM | State Pageant Prelims



Up By 6:30a (Breakfast, Makeup, Getting Dressed)

8:00 AM | Finals Rehearsal

12:30 PM | Dismissed for Lunch on Own / Prepare for Show

2:30 PM | Arrive to Venue hair and make-up ready / dressed in Introduction Outfit

3:00 PM | State Pageant Finals


Originally, I wanted to fundraise for $3,500 and below is a list of my anticipated expenses.

  • $900 for registration

  • $200 for Sash

  • $100-150 for Swimsuit

  • 450$ for Evening Gown

  • Photography $75 + Promotional Materials $120

  • $175 for Exclusive T-Shirts

  • 100$ For Watch Party Tickets

  • $100 Food for the weekend

  • Marriott West Hotel 600$ (2Beds & Accessible) (no kitchen available)

Here is my actual spending budget,

Amount $

Purchase Purchase/ Payment Description

Total Amount:


Photo Session w/ Rob Radoplh


Basia Rose Designs, Deposit for Gown


Pageatn Registration


Mini Flyers


Venue Rental for Gallery Night




Food & Wine


Poster Flyers


Swimsuit by Sabrina Lombardo


Basia Rose Designs (Final Deposit)


Final tickets






Decorating & Gift Bag Decorations


Photo Competition


Interview Competition


Gallery Night Photography


Accessories & Shoes




Webcast Tickets


Hotel w/ Mom

Total of $3,037

If you notice, I spent more on somethings and cut out other expenses I couldn't afford without the full $3,500. This graph is here for transparency sake. I like to be honest about what I do with money folx donate towards anything I do. I want my community to trust in my motivations and my intentions with any goal I take on with their support.

Things I Accomplished (in four months)

Paying registration before it was due.

Securing the Miss Milwaukee County title (cause I paid off registration).

Successfully networking with at least 30 more people outside of my network.

Created sponsorship letters and reached out to 25 businesses & partnerships.

Securing sponsors for my Mixx Wisconsin campaign. Securing sponsorships for my gallery night.

Building better relationships with the folx who already support me.

Being able to hire/support Milwaukee-based business for my needs.

Organizing & creating the art gallery fundraiser.

Hosting 3 successful fundraisers in five months.

Being able to work closely with my mom, my trybe aunties, and my friends on my campaign.

Fundraiser Report

January April Paypal Pool 1: $ 633.33

Paypal Pool 2: $0

Jan. Krispy Kreme Fundraiser: $308 (-$100 for paying my ex back)

T-Shirt Fundraiser: $118 (so far)

Cocoa Ketur Gallery Night in April: $800

Donations (& My Own Contributions): $1,177.67 (of which I contributed $500 )

Supporters & Sponsors

So this list of folx helped support me through this campaign by stimulating me mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Others on this list threw some cash my way and shared my ish. The rest bought stuff from me and advertised my business. Special shout out to AbolishMKE & Adam Carr (in his former role as community editor for Neighborhood News Service).

My supporters and sponsors include:

  • Annika (Priceless Incite, mom & model)

  • Ashley from Bougie Cup o’ Joe

  • Davette

  • Nation

  • Arthur

  • Jesse (model)

  • Mila E.

  • Corey G. (model)

  • Aaron (model)

  • Keesa from Chocolate’s Kitchen

  • Dana (my boss with MKE Good Food Bus)

  • The Fresh Food Access Council in Silver Spring Neighborhood

  • Jinx (thank you for the shares)

  • Black Rose Institute (thank you for the shares)

  • SHEBA (thank you for the shares)

  • Leidy (model)

  • Keziah (model)

  • Dr. Raven (model)

  • Damonte (mi brotha)

  • Patrice (my therapist)

  • UBLAC members (your donations & prayers keep me lifted)

  • Taj from AbolishMKE (bought one of my gallery night painting)

  • Rose Willow (my cat, for always being my rock)

  • My Ex (for breaking up with me AFTER donating towards my pageant registration and the day AFTER my bday, I don't speak ill will on you cause I am better off without you)

Ok, enough with the personal shoutouts. I just want to say thank you to anyone who shared, commented, and reposted my campaign efforts. I really appreciate everyone who engaged in this journey with me in anyway. Whether it was good or bad energy, you motivated me to keep pushing.

I am so excited. And nervous. And READY to Own That Crown!

If you are interested in supporting my campaign efforts (or supporting my first fashion show), follow my linktree here.

Check out my article on NNS website, here.

Peace & Blessings to you and yours,


Mixx Milwaukee County 2022


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