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Miss Wisconsin State Pageants 2022

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Or what I like to call myself is MIXX Wisconsin

Peace & Blessings yall,

I am hardcore planning for the Miss Wisconsin USA State Pageants being held in Middleton, WI on May 6th to 8th. I need all the support and well wishes I can get from my friends, family & Milwaukee community. I am currently one week from my 27th birthday and I want to make the best of it by securing my title of Miss Milwaukee this month.

Black Cat Alley with Top Model Annia
Photographed by Lamonte Cook from Legacy Collective

My first fundraiser of this campaign is Screaming 4 Those Krispy Kremes!

Place a preorder of donuts by Saturday 1/22 for only $14. The closest Krispy Kreme store is in West Allis. Have you tried getting donuts from West Allis? I promise you it's a less of a hassle and more rewarding to order through me. Place your order on Friday and get your donuts delivered to your door. I need a total of 100 orders to place a full order to Krispy Kreme on Friday late afternoon.

Follow this form and sign up for you dozen. If you want more than one, then add that into your comment.

Here's the link for the form again!

I also have a linktree link for folks who are looking to donate but do not want donuts.

Facebook Pay/ Paypal/ Google Pay

@annialeonard / / @dagoddessannia

Please share this blog post and donate if you can. I appreciate all and every piece of energy towards my successful campaign. I am winning this year!

With Love,


P.S. Here's a flashback to last year at the Wisconsin pageant in WI Dells.

P.S.S. I have officially sent my Krispy Kreme fundraiser into the West Allis KK shop and will be delivering all donut orders on Friday!

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