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Modeling in a Fashion Show & Enchanted Werk Vending

In Love & Light Sibs,

This past weekend was one for the books. I literally have not had a event high like that in a while. I showed up to rehearsal for CopyWrite Magazines’ Fashion show with a hangover, all my Enchanted Werk products, my table, and my determination. Everything that could go wrong the morning of, did. I left so many things at home and I didn’t have guaranteed transportation because my ride cancelled. I was also having a hard time not throwing up constantly from my hangover. I literally cried because I thought I was going to fuck up this opportunity, just because I wanted to experience the strip club for the first time.

But after rehearsing the walk and meeting with the designers & stylists, we had space to chill till the show. I met with the other models and they made space for me. I appreciated the love, which isn’t that real in fashion settings. It was clear plenty of people knew each other prior. There was also a mother-daughter combo that I absolutely adored.

I sold a lot of my new products, and I am forever grateful. I walked in there thinking I was going to be competing for attention, but in actuality, I was the only vendor there. That was a blessing, I made my vending fee back and then some. I also walked my ass off. I had fun walking for each designer and stylist. They showed out and I looked fucking great. Check out the link below to see the full show.

Peace & Blessings Fam,


P.S. My auntie helped me vend at my event after a couple people cancelled and she took dope pictures of me in the segments I was in. Shout out to the aunties that show up when they nieces be calling them panicking. Lol Tameika Lawrence has a company called The 5th LMNT. Check her out on Facebook.

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