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My 27th Birthday

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

These past couple of years have shown me that I have to create the reality I want. If I want to be free, I have to believe in my freedom and my peace. It's not just an end goal but a everyday action. I know so many folx around me rarely get to celebrate their day of birth the way they want to. Especially those who want to go big for their 23rd Birthday or their Golden Birthday. Because I have so many goals, my partner has his case on my birthday, and my bills are stacked this month (not because I haven't paid them but because every one of them has a larger annual fee I need to pay around this time) I am choosing to keep my celebration simple and intimate.

To start, I would love to have my trybe do a drive-by of my apartment. Just send me your mask kisses and let me visually love on you and hear your voice., while you conveniently stay in your car or friends car. (Not everybody I know got cars.) (I will totally accept a Google Meet Call as well.) Please call or text me to arrange the driveby. I am attending my partners court case on January 27th at 2p.