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My 27th Birthday

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

These past couple of years have shown me that I have to create the reality I want. If I want to be free, I have to believe in my freedom and my peace. It's not just an end goal but a everyday action. I know so many folx around me rarely get to celebrate their day of birth the way they want to. Especially those who want to go big for their 23rd Birthday or their Golden Birthday. Because I have so many goals, my partner has his case on my birthday, and my bills are stacked this month (not because I haven't paid them but because every one of them has a larger annual fee I need to pay around this time) I am choosing to keep my celebration simple and intimate.

To start, I would love to have my trybe do a drive-by of my apartment. Just send me your mask kisses and let me visually love on you and hear your voice., while you conveniently stay in your car or friends car. (Not everybody I know got cars.) (I will totally accept a Google Meet Call as well.) Please call or text me to arrange the driveby. I am attending my partners court case on January 27th at 2p.

For folx who know and love me, I have created a list of birthday presents I want to get for my 27th. Now these aren't just asks of yall, I made this list for myself as well. I think these will help influence this year for the better for me.

The second thing I want to do, is be cute and take pictures with my trybe & blood family that i still talk to. I want to meet and take a picture that we print and hang in our homes. Now this will be a project I curate over the next year but by the end of this year, I want to have portraits of us together for my future children.

So be on the look out: Aerick, Damonte, TJ, Harmony

Zayire, Nene, Ivory, Sahiya

Mom & Dad

Grandma Ann & Grandma Cheryl


Adria, Aric, Kameron & Family

Breanna & Brandon


Davette & Family


Marty & Family

Chalchi & Family

Lina & Family

Amy & Family

ALL MY TITI's (Keisa, Lee, Tamieka, Jendora, etc)

UBLAC Family

My Saint Louis Family (Grandpa Eric)





Simone (Done)

I used to be such a book sniffer when I was a youngin and recently I picked up my favorite series again (Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz). I have slowly rediscovered the thirst for books in my hand, the smell of the paper and the noise of the turning page. I am so ready to be involved with the fantasy world again, too. This reality has left me in a seasonal depression of sorts. This past year has highlighted my trauma, my limitations within this current economic system and medical access, etc. I have stopped eating red meat and have struggled to gain a healthy regime. All those things have propelled me into reconnecting with my inner child and enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

This year, I am committing to creating more art (fabric & paintings), dancing, speaking up, creating boundaries (and holding firm), and bringing peace into my existence every day.

Last year, I accomplished a lot.

I entered a pageant for the first time and really showcased Milwaukee designers. I fundraised and helped create a housing cooperative that house 3 queer black folks in Milwaukee. I moved from a studio into a apartment. I went on my first vacation/ getaway. I hired folx through my Milwaukee Good Food Bus job and helped spread the wealth. I shed folx who weren't on my team and didn't have my best interests in mind. I have overcome a lot of emotional and relationship trauma. I helped a friend avoid losing their car. I helped another move to a new city. I gained more sewing clients. I restarted my modeling career. I started my business Cocoa Ketur, LLC with the website Enchanted Werk. I helped rekindled relationships that were beneficial for my HEALTHY journey. I started therapy and have gotten a better understanding of my trauma and my journey. I took a beekeeping class. I advocated myself in this backwards medical system and got some support on my Endometriosis. I spoke at the Pride w/ Black Lives Matter March and was on t.v. for it. I helped teach radical history with Adam Carr through Arts @ Large. I maintained two part-time jobs. I reconnected with my Indigenous roots. I travelled to my mom for the first time since she moved out of state. I successfully graduated from Guest House Rapid Rehousing program and met all of my goals. I was featured in magazines and on a billboard supporting QTNB folx with Lidia Sharapova. Featured on River West Radio segment, Youth Rising Up Radio with Marty H. Added to my body canvas.

It's only up from here.

In Peace & Loving Light,


P.S. I am selling my artwerk this year. Pictures coming soon.

I have Venmo & Paypal.

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