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My Golden Year & I am bringing it in with a BANG!

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Someone once reminded us and said that your birthday signifies the end of your year as well as the beginning of a new chapter. I am 26 years old by law but, I will complete my 27th rotation around the sun, once I hit 27, on January 27th, 2022.


Let's play with some divine math and focus on numerology, shall we?


I grew up with the affinity for the numbers: 3, 9 & 7.

3 represents luck, power, symbolic of success and intuition.

9 represents fulfillment, higher consciousness, the ultimate life's mission.

7 represents magical energy, synchronicity, luck, perfection, and spiritual awakening.

3+ 9+ 7= 19
1+ 9 = 10

10 can mean: independent with enormous potential, completion of cycles and projects, and returning to unity.

Photographed by Rakim from Nilin.Us

My life path number (a collective sum of my birthday) is 7.

Main Themes of 7: Truth Seeker, Loner, Introvert, Mysterious & Spiritual

Princess Diana, Johnny Depp, Jack Black, Carrie Underwood & Bruce Lee are a few with a life path number 7.

I was born on a Friday. The 6th day of the week.

Material things & worrying about everyday life has always been my challenge. I mini hoard items that have sentimental value. It doesn't always have to be my personal attachment to that material thing. Sometimes, it's my mothers' energy or a community members vibrations emitting from these things I hold dear to me. For life path 7, Friday is a lucky day for us.

I was born at 2:18p/14:18p
(1+4) + (1 + 8)= 14
1 + 4 =5

218 can represent the ability to manifest abundance through others around me. It has always been my instinct to uplift and help others to grow and apply the lessons of life as they happen.

14 can represent the inner werk and transformation. This number also symbolizes the Tarot Card Temperance.

While writing this, I caught 2:22p and 3:33p.

3:33pm is a sign of the holy trinity and divine protection.

2:22pm is a reminder to repeat my positive affirmations and visualize the life I want to live. I am on a journey of forgiveness and growing into my faith.


I was born in the Chinese year of the Dog, along with: Prince, Michael Jackson, Fred Mercury, Naomi Campbell, Danny Glover, Regina King, Queen Latifah, Mother Theresa, Mary J Blige, etc. I swear I know my purpose is to bring change and all of these people born during this time did that exact thing for our global society. The talent and skills I use to create that change are my journey.

You can find information about what happened on your birthday or any date by going to ON THIS

If you know me personally, you would know how well all of these numbers play their part in my life. I am welcoming the transformation. I am welcoming the spiritual awareness and enlighten my path. I have spent so long trying to ignore my gifts and my calling. For so long, I have resented the strength of my skin and the reactions to my melanin. I would call out colorism and racism to only be stuffed on a glass shelf to be seen and not heard. At least, I was taught to think no one heard me. I was taught to think that no one cared about my life because of how identify, look and think. I know now, it's other people's vision that has been placed over my eyes and heart.

I call the ancestors to me. Please help guide and transform my heart, mind, and soul. Ancestors and spirit guides please protect me as I strong arm my way through the haters and the naysayers. I ask for protection over me and mine. I ask for protection over my adventures, my ideas, my happiness and my love. I ask for clarity. I ask that yall shed light on any shadow I perceive or am unaware of. Let those who will help me grow and those who will not be apparent. Like literally slap me in the face, oh Goddess, with the truth of their soul.

So be it. I see to it. I make it so.

In Love & light,

Annia | Southern Star | Priestess of the Divine Trinity

P.S. Shout out to Rakiim at Nillin. He took this dope shot of me and it brought the elements of my skin tone that others lighten.

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