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Origins of the Divine Trinity: the Moon, the Earth & the Sun

a Spiritual Practice meant as a Guide

So, for a couple years now, I have been teetering around this idea of what a religion not tied to patriarchy or capitalism would look like. When I was younger, I would read these books about world religions and a part of me always noticed the commonalities before the differences.

Since then, I have meditated, swirled in deep thought, consulted my community elders about different aspects of religions and spirituality.

My own history with religion is a little complicated, but probably common. I witnessed my grandmother stay loyal and devoted in marriages with men of the church who were abusive. I also had instances of feeling like how I related to God through christianity didn't feel right. Being that I am queer, raised a woman and black, I am never going to be fully accepted in the patriarchal views of Christianity. I have been attacked and harassed for my identity along with my siblings in the name of Christianity. Though as with all religions, Christianity has much to teach us about humanity and spirituality.

For something to have a ending, there needs to be a beginning ~~~ Nation

One of the many things I read from any religious text, is that all religions speak of purity of the soul and happiness in this life or the next as being the goal of their disciples' journey. So take that ^^^ and this quote from my friend Nation, I thought about what this meant to me.

For me, I feel called to bring balance in times of disorder. Below I start to write the first origins of this spiritual practice.


I have decided upon a name, 'the Divine Trinity'.

There are three pillars I see as titans of this spiritual practice: the Moon, the Sun & the Earth. They work cohesively together to create and balance out the universe.

Wind is a offspring aspect of the Divine Trinity I give thanks to separately.

In the beginning, there is nothing. Then there is something.


That's my origin story. Before I believed and engaged in lower level thinking. I practiced hymns and carried out rituals that had no substance to grow from. I wandered aimlessly. Then I was awakened by my other half. The side of me that held onto trauma, bad experiences that attracted me to the toxicity of others. That part of me brought me S. S came fun wrapped in prophecies, warrior energy and fresh blood. They knew energy on a different level of understanding then me. It wasn't long after that re-introduction, did I come to fully immerse myself in spiritual practices of the Wiccans & the buddhists. And I say re-introduction because I always diverted from certain Christian values growing up. I would read about witches, and I was obsessed with vampires at one point.

To me, we all have an angel (positive energy) and a demon (negative energy) within us. So yes some people have an imbalance of those energies and that is balanced within the universe. So for every 'evil' person, there is an equally 'good' person out there as well.

Everyone also has a feminine and masculine aspect of ourselves. I believe the purpose of this duality is to find balance. When we find balance within ourselves, it brings confidence in ourselves and our individual abilities. We fit into the universe like a puzzle piece. We are not meant to be the same or normalized. That fight for the standard leaves us unhappy and imbalanced. We stay open to all types of persuasion and manipulation from our toxic aspects of ourselves. Now, don't get it confused: being evil or good, has no direct correlation to divine feminine nor masculine aspects. We have healthy versions of our masculinity/femininity as well as toxic versions of those aspects. Each person carries out their own purpose, whether that is to build or destroy the energy created in each phase of our lives.

This is where I comfortably leave you, so that we may discuss in the next post the Divine Thirteen: my first practiced holiday.

Peace & Blessings,



Priestess of the Divine Trinity

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