April Showers Brings May Flowers

Love & Light Folx,

I needed to get out of the city and enjoy myself in the sun. I bought a plane ticket once I got my paycheck (that I didn’t need to use on bills). Yes, I only bought a one way, but I was moving by faith at this point. I sometimes get these feelings of anxiety, like I need to leave the physical space I am in. When I get this feeling after being all over Milwaukee, I know its time for me to leave the city and breathe different air. So I hoped on a plane and visited my mom in NC, back in April 2020.

I've been doing my best to move with my intuition and let the Goddess guide me. THEY ain't ever given me false advice, so I have decided to really see what they want me to see. This past year of medical and emotional trauma has left me questioning a lot about the world and my faith has kept me intact. I knew I needed this break from my everyday life because things were getting hard to process. My anxiety was constantly triggered and after being in therapy for a year, I've slowly come to understand my PTSD diagnosis. The Goddess has really brought more clarity into my life and I thinkt hat start of that was this journey to visit my mom.

My mom had access to a Airbnb hosted by this dope guy named Vjay. He basically good vibes and engaged with me genuinely about tarot reading. He took me to downtown Charlotte and we rollerbladed around the city. I chilled with mom mostly, but she did take me to the crystal shop in town. I bought a gold hundred dollar bill which sits on my altar for my ancestors, along with a handful of newly cleansed crystals.

We visited a local barbecue spot and discovered their lack of Sweet Baby Ray’s, so that was disappointing but a fun adventure. Otherwise, I enjoyed my trip. My mom and I watched a play by MPower together about the different community members gathering for Coretta Scott’s funeral. That was a powerful play. I appreciate my aunt, Catina Cole being a part of the production for this play. I highly recommend engaging in their theater productions. The acting is so spot on, I forgot I was watching a play.

I helped my mom with some Denim, Diamonds & Pearls work and that felt just like old times. My mom is truly one of my oldest friends (as in, the first). She constantly gives me space to exist and be myself. I have met so many people who resent their mothers, or who don’t have a relationship (or a good one) with their femme guardians at all. My relationship with my mom took work and healing but we were both committed to breaking a generational curse we hadn’t even recognized was there until it wasn’t. During this trip, I spent time on walks, exploring the town, and jamming with my mom. We played old school music and I put her on to some new school remixes. She showed me some old songs I hadn’t really listened to as an adult. We were vibbing in the backyard dancing and living. All the worries of the world were gone in those moments. My mother has always been my solid ground and I appreciate her for every way that she shows up in my life.

Good news was that towards the end of my week vacay, I ended up getting my check in time to pay for a trip back home and paying my mom back for the meals she had paid for. It was a simple trip and it was exactly what I needed.

I needed to be loved on by my mother, dipped in NC sun and kissed by East Coast moonlight.

I love our quality time together because we are so magical together. We always bring blessings to each other in so many different forms (whether its music, knowledge, or spirit). I can’t wait till I visit her again.

Peace & Blessings Fam,


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