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Poem Dump Chronicles

So, I haven't been writing a lot lately and I am surely challenging myself to do better. SO, here you go. A dump of my poem archives.

Over It

I'm so over this shit

How these mofos will have you sick

Bending over backwards just so you can fit

While they constantly change the mold

Constantly changing the toll

Grabbing more from my bared soul

I just want relationship goals

To be close in my time of need

To love on you while you love on me

I want to watch you grow

To have your back when shit get low

I need the same though

To not feel neglected while I feel pain

To feel encouraged when I'm weak

To feel like you proud of me

No looks of disdain

I am uncomfortable

With the transitions we've had,

This path, your choices, &

Being friends with poison

You are unapproachable

Like logs set ablaze

Burned bright thru our phase

I couldn't reason with your ego

Now its time to let go

Walk our truths

You loved me and I loved you

Its just that

No more energy

We flat

About Over This

So, this poem is over 3 years old. I wrote this after my last two break ups with partners I had lived with and spent a good two years with. Through all the shit we went through together, I realized that I gave more | and expected different outcomes | than what my partners-at-the-time gave me. This is my poem sealing that chapter of my life and moving on from the pain I felt in either of these relationships.

Love Addict

A drug

A feeling

A spell of some kind

So strong it brings you happiness

Then destroys that foundation with pain

Slowly seeping into your core

It's chaotically packaged

yo Dude! Don't double hit

Breathe out before you inhale again

I'm telling you this ain't shit you'd hit like a blunt

The backlash can be worse than the ride

Only those who were meant to see collide

Just tryin to warn you

Taking this means

U lose sleep over this itch you barely scratch, baby

This shit will have you on your back

Falling back into old patterns and hating your own face

wish I could go back to where I was

Spell written in old blood not so easily broken

Only time can make its effects fade

I know you've seen it before, on the face of a lover

I'm sure you've tasted it in your mamas cooking

I know you heard it before, while they said their vows

N I've smelt it before, in the musk of a naked dance

Once we've had it, we will always chase it.

A love

A drug

This feeling

About Love Addict

Love to me has felt a lot like a drug and I've been addicted to overdosing. This cycle of overdose, detox, dramatic seduction back into my life and then history repeats. I find that life keeps bringing me new love to pique my interest then to only pull it away and pop my hands.

Death in an Hourglass

This will be a morbid READING

Dark and filled with TRUTH

Cause when I think of DEATH

I think of the FLESH

When it's removed, it reveals the similarities between me and you

Also, when it's removed, it will most certainly cause your DEATH

(jokey joke)

You can fight,

You can pray,

You can be at your prime,

But when DEATH is at your door

It's time

See, TRUTH is we are all one

When we fail to uplift and be, we leave ourselves open to the pain

Of forgetting a legacy left by those before you


But we are nothing without our past.

Some of us are remembering what's forgotten.

But we already failed the boy who cried wolf

We no longer respond the same

You could scream, "This isn't fair!"

You could try to find a cure

You could sit in seldom despair,

As long as you vigilantly stay aware.

That when DEATH is at your door

Just know it's time.

Since we will die and some will be reborn again

Once the hourglass flips in a cycle

I think we are destined to repeat

Unfortunately, I regret to inform you that…

About Death in an Hourglass

I found this picture on twitter and someone challenged poets to write based on what they saw. When I saw this image, I immediately noticed the people being turned to dust and how all of the folx in the glass were young. Felt like it was saying something about how short life is. How fleeting it can be when you are young and careless with your health, faith, etc.

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Peace & Blessing Family, Annia.

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