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Sacred Ancestral Prayer

This sprayer was written to honor the ancestors we all share. From the elementals to the ancient trybes. Use this prayer for blessing your space, food, or days to come. Light flames, drink water, smoke herbs and tend to dirt after each element.

To the North,

We honor Mother Earth and her grounding energy.

We honor the ancestors that travelled the snowy plains and those that brought Cedar, Cypress & Sage.

We are forever blessed by your cold seasons and hard metals.

May you continue to provide us with wisdom, healing and strength.

May the gnomes, four-legged animals, and the darkness of midnight protect our homes and our food supply.

Blessed be the Northern Ancestors.

To the East,

We honor Father Wind and his impulsive thought.

We honor the mental clarity and higher consciousness we gained from you.

We are forever blessed by the mighty feather and the swiftness of your wand.

May you fill the air with lemongrass, lavender and frankincense to remind us of our enlightened path.

May the fae, flying creatures and subtleness of dawn uplift your messages to our ears.

Blessed be the Eastern Ancestors.

To the West,

We honor Living Waters and their self-healing abilities.

We honor the persistent stream of emotions and inner reflection.

We are forever blessed by your limitless cup of love and spiritual clarity.

May you forever feel the gratefulness of your descendants and their efforts to honor your revitalizing path.

May the mermaids, the swimming beings, and the closing light of your sunsets carry our messages of sorrow and pleasure.

Blessed be the Western Ancestors.

To the South,

We honor the Sacred Flames and their engulfing willpower.

We honor the destructive swords and its seductive anger.

We are forever blessed by your passionate power and rebirthing abilities.

May we forever know the courage it takes to spark the change the Sacred Flame brings.

May the dragons, the desert-dwellers, and the direct light of noon burn the imbalance of our heart, mind & body.

Blessed be the Southern Ancestors.

We are forever blessed by your sacred flow, by your stimulating heat, by your buried truths, by your mystical direction.

Ashe, Amen, etc.

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