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Streetwear Showcase S22 X Enchanted Werk

I'm so glad to finally get to the debrief of this beautiful event I was invited to vend (as Enchanted Werk) back in May 2022. I got a chance to vend with my artwerk and my mother. I also had a (ex)friend model a outfit for me as well.

CopyWrite Presents: SS22 (original event post)

the Event

This beautiful showcase was centered around mental health and street fashion. Each designer had a bold segment of fashion for everyday wear. All designers listed on their website can be accessed locally as well. I got a chance to connect with a couple of the designers afterwards. i hope to debut my latest designs in their next showcase in 2023.

I sold one painting and a couple of different resin art pieces. I was very grateful for the outcome of this event.

special thank you's....

I would like to thank my mother and my (ex0 friend for supporting me at this event. Not only did they model for me, but they helped me gain contacts to further my career.

I'd also like to thank Vato Vergara at CopyWrite for the invitation to be a vendor.

Peace & Blessings,


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