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A writeup on my tarot & oracle reading services.

How I got started:

I had a beautiful friend name Chalchi offer a reading to me a long time ago. Ever since then, I felt called to get my own cards, make card (which are a work in progress) and give readings to others.

In exchange for a review I am offering 2 card readings to first time customers

Where I am going with it:

I am hoping to move into being a spiritual therapist in a sense. I want to get trained in reiki, massage therapy, tantric yoga, reflexology, acupuncture and herbalism. When people in mny trybe come to me for support, I want to be able to help them understand their ailments and issues based on their spiritual, physical and mental health. I believe that all of these things ware connected and that our ancestors and spirit guides try to help us discern those issues through divination.

My Tarot Prices:

15$/ 20 minute Readings

45$+/30 minutes to an hour Readings

60$ per hour Readings

How You Can Book Me:

For events: I am available to vend at events for group readings in intimate settings. I prefer small parties or event somewhere there are multiple vendors at. I carry my cards, a table with a chair and my own canopy to create a sense of privacy for my client.

For private readings: Text or message me online and I can schedule a reading with you that will be convenient for the both of us.

MKE Soul Collectivo

I work with a group of tarot, oracle and astrological readers. We are available for booking as well. Reach out to me to schedule us for your event or to let us know of upcoming vending opportunities.

Let me be your spiritual therapist. Specializing in reading the cards for your ancestors to convene with you about anything that is on your mind.

Peace & Blessings,


Priestess of the Divine Trinity

(p.s if you've ever gotten a reading from me, you should leave a review in the comments.)

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