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The ALT Moon Goddexx

This outfit is a mix of laces that capture this wild Punk Rock Moon Goddexx concept. Worn by Elle Halo. Included in this outfit is a black lace cardigan, a strapless/sleeveless dark gray lace dress with an 18-inch zipper & a light gray lace skirt.

Price of Outfit: $50

Who's the Model?

Elle Halo is a model, national public speaker, HIV & Black Trans Rights activist and active Milwaukee community member.

How You Can Catch This Vibe?

This outfit is currently in House of Cocoa Ketur archives. If you would like to wear this outfit for a night, you can rent it for 35$/night (unless purchased).

To purchase, reach out to find out more information. One of a kind, this outfit cannot be replicated with the same fabrics.

Please use our contact form to connect with me.


39 1/2 inch Waist

42 inch Chest

Payment Options

You can purchase with money through Square or Paypal with card or with your checking account. We also have Google Pay & Cashapp.

You can barter for this outfit, if you have access to resources I can benefit from or if you are an artisan of some kind. I could benefit from transportation access, grant finding skills, and artistic skills.

Closing Remarks

I loved creating this outfit because it brought me this Moon Goddexx vision. This Goddexx is treading through a post-apocalyptic society, attending the first mass since the rapture. They are there to test those who choose to repent and to torture those who choose to stay in their negative vibrations. Inspired by Elle's uniqueness and her make up style, I wanted to match her energy. She is this foreign flower that is captivating, yet too much of her and you may be poisoned. A reminder to humanity that overindulgence will be their undoing. So much love and appreciation to Elle for rocking this look gracefully. Thank you to Rochelle for the opportunity to be a part of her Fashion Showcase Takeover Part 2.

Peace & Blessing Family, Cocoa Ketur

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