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The Wall

Inspired by Frank Warren's A Lifetime of Secrets project, the Wall is my charted social experiment that highlights the state of our current society's mental health.


Mental health is super important, like that's it. That's the statement.

Not only is it important for young people to actively balance their mental health, but it's also important for our elders as well. We live in a society that has started to grasp the understanding of self-care and self-love, but we still have cultural stereotypes that prevent a lot of folx fom accepting their mental health needs. It's another challenge to be able to access affordable specialist support as well.

More than 27 million American adults living with mental illness are not treated. ~ EarthWeb


35.8% of Multiracial Americans Report Living with Mental Illness, Which Is the Highest Percentage of All Races.
~ EarthWeb

The Wall

The Wall is meant to be an anonymous space for folx to share their unfiltered thoughts about life, love, self-doubt, trauma, etc. Of course, anything that is not analytical or self-reflective of classism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, or sexism will be left out of public viewing. I am protective of this website, my brand and this project. It's meant to build bridges that create love and unity, not division & hatred.

Anyone is welcome to contribute to this project through texting or leaving voicemails at 414.369.2339

A huge national resource to look out for is NAMI, the National Alliance Mental Illness. They have support groups and recommendations on information about different types of mental health issues, and more.

Peace & Blessing Family, Annia.


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