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Update #5: Mixx Milwaukee County for Miss Wisconsin

I had to make this a seperate post!

I met with my designers in the beginning of April. I am terrible at taking pictures with others but I asked my designers to check in with me and they were gracious enough, too. This first post is dedicated to Basia.

Meet Basia of Basia Rose Designs.

She created this phenomenal evening gown for my Miss Midtown campaign pageant last year.

This year, I am wearing a design that highlights not only my spiritual and emotional growth since the last pageant, it will also capture my elemental spirit. Here's a sneak peek of my gown fabric. I cannot wait to walk across that stage and show of this class this design brings.



I will be giving away my evening gown from last year to anyone who:

  1. Comments on this post "I'm Interested."

  2. Shares & comments on my Facebook post

  3. DM me and tell me where you plan to wear this gown to.

This giveaway ends April 30th. I will ship it to the winner if they are out of state. I cannot ship out of country at this time. Please message me when you've done all three tasks.

With Love & Blessings,


Mixx Milwaukee County

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