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What I Offer

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I offer a variety of different services at affordable prices. Below are my current services. Please feel free to send me a message through this website or to my official email,



Tarot Readings 

Readings by Cocoa range from 1 card questions to 20 card spreads. Prices vary based on how long the reading is and how many decks are used. 



Annia has been modeling for 4 years. You can book them for fashion shows, private portfolios, body art, figure modeling & photoshoots. Contact Keep It Klassy Modeling Agency for boking information.

Model Resume Coming Soon. 


Upcycled Art 

Annia has an affinity for creating art using recycled materials. Whether that is a wood board as a canvas or using old tobacco wraps to create states, there are so many creative ways that they try to reduce waste! Paintings starting at $15. 


Custom Designs by Annia

Custom designed clothing made by Annia. Total price for each project varies based on customized item + an hourly rate starting at $20. Annia has worked with shirts, vests, pants, hats, belts, home décor, and dresses.


Custom Home Decor & Accessories

Through our Enchanted Werk shop, you can customize one of our many of our available products. Just give us three days to create your materpiece.



Book Annia for a poetry night! You can find some of their writings on Annia's Blog. 

Annia is a beautiful spirit filled with grounding energy and uplifting wisdom. Her intuition into people's emotions and the powers of the Earth are inspiring. Getting a reading from her gave me insight I needed for a productive reflection of my life and a clear vision of my direction. I look forward to having more readings done to help me build a deep connection with myself and a confident understanding of where I'm at. 

Montana M.

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